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The Science of Learning

The ScienceMedia MindFlow methodology instills the foundations of both the cognitive theory of multimodal learning in how our minds learn and retain information through visual and audio stimulation, and behavioral science to provide the learner with the training material they need at the right time and with role modeling examples.

By embedding our products with our proprietary ScienceMedia MindFlow, we consistently deliver memorable "bursts" of perfectly digestible learning nuggets via engaging voiceover video content that is created by our instructional design masters and then medically validated. The user is in control and empowered with omnipresent mobile accessibility to quickly jump to and revisit areas that are most important to their individualized learning journey.

We have applied ScienceMedia MindFlow to not only our SMi SourceTM therapeutic area learning and SMi TrialTM and SMi TrialD site and protocol training, but our newly expanded patient educational offerings as well. Looking ahead, we are working to apply ScienceMedia MindFlow to a broader range of culturally diverse trial participants and site staff who may understandably harbor trust and fear issues related to clinical trials. Beyond language translation, we are incorporating cultural cues and empathy to earn trust and make learning more impactful and relevant.

With 30+ years of training technology experience behind us, ScienceMedia has earned its reputation as the "Masters of Learning."

Cognitive multimodal learning...because it works.

The interplay of multiple factors and nuances in science are better explained with visual learning. We apply a Cognitive Theory of Multimodal Learning that is supported by the research that information is better absorbed when multimedia is designed in ways that are consistent with how the human mind works

Driving deeper engagement across the learning continuum.

It is a fact that we learn over time. The best way to learn changes depending on where one is located on the learning continuum.

Multimodal learning is an effective way of teaching and delivering content in small, very specific bursts, also referred to in training as "bite-sized" learning. Multimodal learning is more than small pieces of digestible content — it involves the methodology of delivering need-to-know information in such a way as to increase long-term retention. Ultimately, learners are in control of what and when they're learning by having access to key knowledge when it is needed.

Rules for effective multimodal learning:
  • Brief and Targeted
  • Identify Specific Knowledge to Sustain
  • Provide Intuitive Access
  • Deliver in Flexible, Reusable Formats
Multimodal Learning Landscape

Source: Aberdeen Research

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